5 steps to a shopper revolution


It is hard to believe that a process that has revolutionised shopper marketing was devised, whilst sitting on a Thailand beach. The first drafts, scrawled into the sand – our very own Shopper Marketing Experts, Toby Desforges and Mike Anthony, crafting a landmark process that has changed the way we look at shopper marketing forever.

It was no easy feat to distill more than 130 shopper marketing processes  into a 5-step process which integrates with consumer marketing and customer management, However, with sand between their toes, the pioneering process was born and has grown into a proven methodology which delivers results.

Effectively chunking business processes into manageable steps helps individuals and teams work progressively towards an outcome. What emerges is a five-step process. The power of this five-step process lies in the progressive prioritization it creates; it only focuses on the greatest consumer opportunities, the key shoppers, the prioritized channels, the optimum marketing mix, and the customers that offer the highest return.

Let’s dig into each of these steps in more detail.


The place to start is with the consumer. To change shopper behaviour, you need to understand which consumers are your priorities, and mining the growth drivers for the brand.

Understand who the people are that can use your product more, or more often. Alternatively, determine who you can convert to using your product.


Once you have figured out which consumers can help you bring in the big bucks, you need to figure out which shoppers are going to serve that consumer demand. Remember, shoppers are a conduit to putting the product in the consumers’ hands.

After you have determined the who, you need to ask yourself; what do you ultimately want these shoppers to do? So you fashion an idea of the shopper behaviour you want to create.


Right, so we have our shopper, but next up is where are they shopping? There are so many different places for people to shop – with more and more popping up. Shoppers can peruse their wares online, at home, in-store – with innumerable variations of each. And different places play different roles in that shopping process too. It can get really complicated, which is why the key is to prioritize.

So basically people have loads of places to shop and we need to understand that they act differently in different outlets. Channels need to be identified and prioritised based on those in which you feel you can best influence your shoppers’ behaviour.

Marketing mix

After deciding which channels are our go-to spots, the marketing mix comes into play. How do we change the environment in those channels to change shopper behaviour? We need to create an integrated marketing mix in each priority channel, drawing on all of the tools we have at our disposal, to create the best possible chance of encouraging or enabling our target shoppers to do exactly what we want them to do.


The final step is to consider the investment required, including the funds required, to ensure that partners within the prioritised channel are prepared to implement our marketing mix.. Only at this stage can we be clear that the cost of our strategy or plan is justified by the value created by changes to consumer and shopper behaviour.

This investment takes the form of time, money and resource and in today’s age there is a plethora of options. You can’t afford to invest everywhere, so you have to be really focused on investing in the right channels, with the right activity.

And across all of the five steps, don’t forget the unwritten rule – always monitor and evaluate to determine effectiveness of your efforts . Yes, always!


Fonte: Shopper Marketing Experts

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