the future of FMCG and retail post-COVID-19

In 2020 global take-home FMCG value growth quadrupled to 10%, an increase of $220 billion compared to 2019. From the stockpiling in Q1 to the continued shift of out-of-home consumption to in-home through the rest of the year, impacts were felt across regions, countries, markets, channels, sectors and categories.

The pandemic has accelerated the retail reconfiguration. Ecommerce jumped to 6.5% of global FMCG spend and still has potential for strong future growth, with only 1/3 of shoppers globally buying FMCG online.

The fifth edition of Winning Omnichannel is out now and gives you the most comprehensive global view —including 42 markets and more than one million shoppers’ actual purchasing data— of how the FMCG and retail dynamics transformed in 2020.

We also explore different growth scenarios for 2021 to help you navigate the redefined retail landscape.

Access the report through the link below and hear from our expert, Stéphane Roger, Global Retail & Shopper Solution Director, in this webinar.

Read the report

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